An Engaging Opportunity

Our core values are grounded on a commitment to the highest quality and integrity - in our products, and in our relationships. We believe both employees and customers deserve and expect to be treated with respect, and that excellence starts with personal accountability.

The kinds of people who thrive in our environment know their stuff. They are as thrilled to share their experience as they are to learn from others. The professionals at Digital Architecture know that vision, discovery, and exploration must lead to specific, measurable results. Our clients expect no less, and we expect no less of ourselves.

Submission Requirements

Please submit a resume with a cover letter by e-mail only, to

Digital Architecture is an equal opportunity employer.


Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) Developer

Duties and Responsibilities

Understanding and interpretation of application design specifications (UML, mockups and written documentation) and proficient implementation of the requirements. Ability to work in a team consulting directly with senior application designers and developers, as well as systems administrators when necessary. Will report directly to Lead Developer and be expected to contribute to team discussions. Will be required to efficiently diagnose issues and propose solutions for peer review before implementation. Must be current on emerging technologies such as those termed as "Web 2.0", as well as versed in modern design patterns and best practices.


  • Advanced PHP or Python programming on UNIX-based systems using MySQL and Apache/NGINX. We will consider other languages but familiarity with PHP and the desire to learn will be required.
  • Clean coding practices and system architectural skills.
  • Strong JavaScript development skills
  • Experience with PEAR/PECL, PHP 5.1
  • Experience with background processing such as deferred jobs (Celery, Gearman, supervisord, etc.)
  • Understanding of Web-application security and common design patterns (Experience with C, C++, Python or Perl a plus.)
  • Familiarity with revision control such as Git or Subversion and branch management.
  • Troubleshooting skills (This is a big one as you will need to be able to run down issues and having the ability to think outside the box and understand the architecture is paramount)


  • Advanced SQL Knowledge using MySQL 5.1 (transactions knowledge a must)
  • SQL optimization knowledge
  • Advanced MySQL 5 features, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers
  • Database Design and Refactoring


  • Familiarity with application packaging
  • Familiarity with UNIX-based environments
  • Familiarity with operating on and developing for "cloud based services" particularly Amazon EC2 and it's services.
  • (Ubuntu/Apache/Cron/Command line/Permissions)

Education and Qualifications

  • 3-5 Years professional software development experience required for midlevel
  • 1-3 Years professional software development experience required for junior (will also consider less experience if backed by education or professional training)
  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in computer technology or near discipline desirable
  • This is a salaried position in our Lakeland, Florida office. Compensation is negotiable based on experience. Candidates who meet the experience requirements will be tested for proficiency.

QA Analyst/Tester

We currently are fully staffed for this position.

We will accept resume submissions for future consideration.

Under the general direction of the Director of Quality Assurance, ensures the quality and integrity of all software products. Analyzes requirements, plans tests, writes test procedures and automated test scripts; executes manual and automated tests; and reports and tracks defects.

Job Responsibilities:

Requirements analysis, test planning and script writing; test execution and reporting; defect tracking and reporting; monitoring software development processes and other duties; and responsibilities as assigned by management.

Required Skills:

  • 2+ years experience in QA functions
  • Experience with Open Source Automated testing tools a plus (Selenium, OpenSTA)
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • Effective problem solving skills, time management skills, verbal/written communication skills


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education/experience required

Linux-based systems administrator

Responsible for setup, operations, maintenance and functionality of web/database nodes, network hardware and other servers as well as network connectivity. Will serve as an owner of 150+ Linux EC2 instances and a few physical servers for a Highly Available web application with 24/7 up-time requirements.

Required Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Cloud *AAS (AWS preferable)
  • Excellent troubleshooting abilities
  • Backups, verification, and archiving (xtrabackup, mysqldump)
  • Security and security auditing
  • Logging and log analysis (syslog-ng, kibana)
  • Monitoring and response (, Zabbix)
  • Process and Disaster Recovery documentation
  • Understating of Apache and Web hosting (virtual hosts, SSL, HTTP protocol)
  • Scripting or previous development experience (bash, php, python, etc)
  • Database knowledge preferably MySQL
  • Configuration Management tools (puppet, chef)
  • Network file systems (Samba, NFS)
  • DNS configuration and management (BIND9)
  • Collaborate with other System Admins and Developers
  • Comfortable in the linux command line


  • Google Apps for Business exposure (API and web admin control panel)
  • Firm understanding of networking concepts (routing, VPN's, DNS, etc)
  • Web front-end HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Asterisk VoIP server and SIP
  • Network Cabling

Professional Services Implementation Specialist

We currently are fully staffed for this position.

We will accept resume submissions for future consideration.

Individuals working in this capacity serve as members of a dynamic team assisting our higher education clients as they transition their print academic catalog content into a database format using the Acalog™. We have opportunities both for entry-level and project management-level experience. Both positions will involve data entry.

The ideal candidate is highly organized, with strong writing, copy-editing, word processing, and formatting skills. Computer literacy is essential. Excellent attention to detail and communication ability (written and verbal) are required.

Good project management skills are an advantage; and experience with Adobe Acrobat, HTML coding and/or graphic design skills is a plus. Those with a background in pagination, layout and publication are of special interest.